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Does online retailing mean you have to use a completely different set of tools to sell a car than you do when the customer is in store? Are you trying to back into an online deal from your desking tool and ultimately your DMS, and then negotiating through email or text? This is frustrating for you and feels slow and disconnected for your customer. Online retailing is retailing, period.  It should enhance your in-store process.

What if you could…

  • Connect with customers through engaging and authentic interactions as they’re shopping on your website?
  • Generate an accurate trade-in valuation online that is applied to a remote deal?
  • Accept credit applications and documentation like a driver license as the customer is shopping online?
  • Customize applicable rebates, incentives, and aftermarket presentations for the customer all online?
  • Capture secure signatures digitally, no matter where a customer is?
  • Maintain growing compliance requirements in a remote environment?

Here’s How


When a customer is shopping in the store and has a question about a vehicle, you get them an answer immediately, but it’s not as simple when they are shopping on your website. And an automated response from your CRM isn’t helping you win any business. You can win deals online, but you have to deliver the same expectations as in store. Gubagoo ChatSmart is a fully managed chat platform that provides an immediate human-to-human interaction, so you can secure and track more inbound leads.

  • Connect with customers and activate their car buying experience virtually through chat, video, text, or Facebook Messenger.
  • Build transparency with a human-to-human interaction and real-time support.
  • Deliver a personalized chat experience with advanced greeter technology designed to interact based on behavior and intent.
  • Never miss an opportunity with the ability to jump into live chats as needed and transfer conversations from desktop to your phone while on the go.
  • Leverage a single unique identifier for every customer in FOCUS to create a seamless deal process from start to finish.

Gubagoo Chat Conversations Matter

Conversations matter. That's because people matter. It's people who sell cars. It's people who buy cars. And it's people who service cars.

Conversations help us learn. They help us connect. They build trust. 

That's why Gubagoo puts conversational commerce at the heart of our products.

With people as the heartbeat of technology, your sales will soar. 

Gubagoo Virtual Retailing

How frustrating is it when a customer tries to build a deal online and you know taxes and fees won’t match and a bank isn’t going to buy the deal? You have to rebuild the deal, get it bought, and then explain to the customer why the payment has gone up by $61. You don’t get to sell, instead you have to manage damage control. Gubagoo Virtual Retailing is an end-to-end retailing experience that uses the same deal online and in-store. No inaccurate payments and no rekeying – and you get to focus on selling again.

  • Present down-to-the-penny detailed loan or lease payment options online for any vehicle, while accounting for their trade-in using real market data.
  • Speed up the paperwork process with online credit applications and document uploads.
  • Build accurate deals online with stackable rebates and incentives, real-time lender approvals, and a first pass at aftermarket products.
  • Use a single deal throughout the transaction – online, in the CRM, in F&I, and through to accounting with no duplicates and no rekeying.
Man sitting on couch with tablet in hand
docuPAD® Remote

Trying to sell aftermarket products over the phone, or worse, through email, kills your penetration. It’s hard to connect with customers and educate them through these channels, and when they don’t understand the products, they naturally say, “no”. docuPAD Remote is a virtual F&I selling tool that connects you with your customer and allows you to educate them with a personalized, interactive menu-selling experience, all while maintaining compliance.

  • Speed up the documentation and signing process by presenting F&I products and capturing electronic signatures remotely.
  • eContract remote deals with no paper for funding in hours rather than days.
  • Use a single deal in-store and online across F&I, the docuPAD system, and accounting.
  • Keep customers engaged with interactive presentations and videos through video conferencing.
  • Track and manage usage results to help ensure compliance and better coach your F&I managers.

Experience docuPAD® Remote

F&I Manager

“Alright, 48 month term. Down payment looks good. We’ve got their credit information. Okay, let’s get this rolling. Hey, John and Lisa. How are you guys doing?”


“Good just hanging at home. How are you today?”

F&I Manager

“I’m doing great. So are you guys ready to get started?”


“Sure! How’s this going to work exactly?”

F&I Manager

“That’s a great question. It’s really not that different than the process you did the last time you were here buying your car. We’ll go through some product protection information on the menu, sign all the paperwork the same way you’re used to except this time we’re going to do it through the computer screen. When we’re all finished, I’ll send you an email with your paperwork and you’ll be good to go.


“Sounds pretty easy.”

F&I Manager

“Yup, you’ll be able to interact with screen and sign just like if you were sitting right here. So feel free to ask any questions along the way. Sound good?


“Yeah, sounds good to us.”

F&I Manager

“Alright, John and Lisa, let’s get started.”


When a customer asks to sign paperwork at home, you have three options – tell them no, PDF the 39 feet of paper and ask them to print it at home, sign, and return, or upload all the documents to an electronic signature tool and print out signed paperwork to mail to the lender. All of these result in added days to get funded. DEALsign is a secure eSigning tool that requires no document uploading and allows for eContracting with an easy-to-use electronic signing experience for both customers and you.

  • Speed up the signing process by digitally capturing handwritten signatures online and in-store. 
  • Reduce missed signatures with a self-guided and easy-to-navigate forms and signing process.
  • Cut paper, toner, and courier costs by securely receiving electronic copies of documents after signing is complete.
  • Offer customers flexible buying options, while maintaining speed and accuracy.
  • Improve compliance with a comprehensive audit trail.
Signatures on mobile device

What can you experience:

“docuPAD Remote made a $500 difference per deal in our store.”

“More shoppers engaged with our website, increasing the number of leads by 334% in the first month.”

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