Don’t let data management overwhelm you.

Data is a valuable asset in any business today, and customers expect their information is protected. Your dealership runs on data, but if security is compromised, the success of your business is in danger.

Managing security on your own can be overwhelming. We recognize the complexities involved and take a leading role in helping dealerships. We provide secure data storage and movement between Reynolds applications, OEMs, and certified third-party vendors.

Principles of Reynolds data management

  • Comply with federal and state regulations.
  • Eliminate unrestricted, unmonitored access to data.
  • Safeguard against data integrity issues.
  • Eliminate data inaccuracies across Retail Management System applications.
  • Prevent business interruption by auditing and tracking application usage for data risks.
  • Ensure safety of hardware components.

Data security

Dealerships, OEMs, and industry vendors all have a stake in protecting consumers’ personal information.

Dealership driven options

You control which business partners you work with, what data they have access to, and how they use it.

Reynolds Certified Interface Program

Focus on your day-to-day business operations and let us take care of the secure data movement to your certified third-party vendors.

OEM services

Ensure your OEM receives the data it needs with secure, custom-built data transfer interfaces.