Consumers want a fast and easy deal process. Lenders want reduced risk and lower expenses. And it’s a lot easier for you to operate with cash in the bank quickly. You’re getting pressure from all angles to move to eContracting.

What if you could…

  • Submit contracts for validation prior to signing and get a response from your lender without leaving your DMS?
  • Receive a required forms list from your lender after contract validation?
  • Sign deal documents electronically with both remote and in-store customers?
  • Electronically send signed contracts and ancillary documents to your lender for same-day funding whether the deal was completed in-store or remotely?
  • View comprehensive reporting on your F&I performance including contracts-in-transit?

Here’s How

The docuPAD® System

Signing paper contracts can be a tedious and error-prone process. When they are complete, they sit in a stack on your desk waiting for the next FedEx run. Once they go out, how often are your deals rejected due to missing signatures? Even when they are clean, it still takes days or even weeks to get funded. With the docuPAD system, contracts are completed quickly and accurately the first time and funded in hours.

  • eContract deals without printing, scanning, and shredding.
  • Ensure all documents are accurate, signed, and complete the first time.
  • Reduce the time and cost of managing paper.
  • Enjoy a clean and matching deal from F&I to accounting.
  • Allow remote customers to sign forms electronically using docuPAD Remote.
Two customer signing forms on the docuPAD system with an F&I manager.

Electronic signatures can be a hassle.  You capture a signature to make it easy on the customer, but it only gets applied to a PDF and your bank won’t accept it as an eContract.  You end up printing out the contract with the electronic signature applied and shipping it to the lender anyway. 

DEALsign allows you and your customers to sign fundable electronic contracts in-person or remotely through a secure, self-guided process that ensures accuracy and compliance.

  • Deliver a digital signing ceremony that is consistent in-store and remote.
  • Eliminate missed signatures and initials with a digitally-guided signing process that ensures accuracy.
  • Stay compliant with a comprehensive audit trail, including date and time stamps, IP addresses, recipients, and action logs.
  • Turn customers into fans by offering flexible options.
  • Get rid of paper, toner, storage, and shipping costs with electronic forms.
Customer signing deal documents on DEALsign.

Not only are paper deal documents expensive to print and inefficient to ship, they often contain inaccuracies that lead to lender rejection. While you scramble to make corrections, you’re still unfunded for a vehicle you sold days ago. With eContracting, you can ensure documents are lender-validated prior to signing and electronically submit finalized documents for faster funding.

  • Find and fix contract errors immediately so customers don’t have to re-sign.
  • Receive a required forms list from your lender after contract validation.
  • Electronically send contracts signed on the docuPAD system or DEALsign to your lender for funding.
  • Save on paper and shipping expenses.
  • Improve cash flow with faster funding.

Experience docuPAD® eContracting – Andrews Cadillac Testimonial

Steven Pflug – Business Manager ®

When I got here, you would have a stack of paperwork. A lot of applications we did we done by hand. After that, you would take all the forms and documents to include three-part contracts, which are all signed in multiple places, and take all of this to the bank.


Carol Edwards – Controller

By the time we got a deal into accounting, sent it off, and got our money, contracts and transit would probably run about five to seven days. And who wants all the files? You have the file, then you have to put it in a box, then you have to put it in storage. We don’t need any of that.

eContracting is the most amazing thing we’ve ever had. We don’t have deal jackets anymore. We can simply look in the computer for anything we need because everything is scanned in.

By the time the deal gets to accounting, a few hours later the money is already in the bank. At the end of the session with the customer, you’ve got a complete package that’s ready to go to the bank. That’s amazing.


Nelson Andrews – Dealer Principal

eContracting lets us get paid quickly. Instead of being paid in a week, we can get a contract cashed in four hours or less. That helps the cash flow a lot.

CIT Intel

Your dealership completes a high volume of deals each month. When they are sent off to your lenders, how do you keep tabs on their funding status? Manually monitoring deals-in-transit is time-consuming and negatively impacts your cash flow if you lose track of unfunded deals.

With CIT Intel, you can proactively track your contracts-in-transit for eContracted deals and gain insight into your dealership’s F&I performance.

  • Reduce your CIT time and improve your cash flow with proactive tracking.
  • Ensure accuracy with data that is constantly updated.
  • Gain insight into F&I performance across stores, employees, and products with pre-built reports.
  • Identify which lenders fund the fastest, and which F&I managers aren’t using those lenders.
People reviewing CIT Intel screen on a monitor in a conference room.

What can you experience:

“eContracting lets us get paid quickly. Instead of being paid in a week, we can get a contract cashed in four hours or less. That helps the cash flow a lot.”

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