Customer Relationship Management

Are you able to use your CRM to bring in business, or is it so cluttered with outdated and duplicated information you can only use it to follow up on inbound leads and work deals that are already in the store? You dont need a CRM for that. Now is the time to ensure your sales team always has a list of prospects to call and they are following your sales process to a tee. 

What if you could...

  • Prioritize every action for your salespeople, so the most impactful activities get done first?
  • Pull buyers into your store before they’re shopping you?
  • Know what vehicle a prospect has the highest propensity to buy before they reach out?
  • Monitor and enforce your sales process no matter where your salespeople or customers are?

Here’s How


How often do your salespeople lose a deal or skip a step in your sales process? How many outbound contacts are they making each day, and how well do they convert? FOCUS redefines customer relationship management by identifying the most profitable activities for your salespeople and serving them up. It ensures your sales process is followed, and you can manage every customer interaction as it happens. If your CRM has become a glorified spreadsheet to manage inbound leads or a simple desking tool, now is the time to check out FOCUS.

  • Automatically prioritizes customers who are most likely to buy, so your salespeople spend their time where they will win.
  • Work sales no matter where you are with a seamless desktop to mobile workflow.
  • Use real-time data to coach sales reps while the customer is still in the store and close the deal, rather than trying to help them understand why the customer left the next day.
  • Manage every sale with automated, real-time tracking, including discreet manager alerts when help is needed.
  • Utilize a single unique identifier for every customer, every vehicle, and every transaction to ensure information is accurate at every touchpoint.

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Every tool in your dealership creates a ripple effect.

Whether used in sales, accounting, or service, its results will impact other departments, other employees, and your customers.

Think about your current CRM… how often are you working through clutter? You spend hours every day tracking down information, conducting follow-up, and trying to close deals – but the information you need isn’t easily accessible.

You feel unorganized, inefficient, and overwhelmed.

Losing sales? Losing customers? Losing employees? There are a lot of factors… but having a tool that makes your job harder causes bad ripple effects.

Introducing FOCUS… a solution offering good ripple effects.

It’s employee oriented, helping your team close more deals with a system built for their unique needs.

It’s results-driven, prioritizing customers, tasks, and follow-up actions automatically based on a customer’s likelihood to buy.

It’s customer centric, offering detailed data of every interaction the customer has with the dealership.

Ripple effects don’t have to be bad… they just have to be right.

FOCUS. Redefining CRM.


It can be tough to figure out what sales leads are worth pursuing or uncovering prospects you arent aware of. And its never a good day when you spend all your time with a single client that doesnt end up buying. Thats where XtreamService comes in. It analyzes the profiles of your entire customer database, considering transactional, demographic, and behavioral data, to identify customers likely to buy, regardless of their equity position. 

  • Identifies high quality leads that normally would be overlooked and delivers them right to your task list or inbox to start working.
  • By analyzing each customers unique position, XtreamService leads customers into the sales funnel sooner.
  • Acquire quality used inventory with higher targeted email and direct mail campaigns.
  • Receive real-time notifications for service walk-ins that have a high propensity to buy.

XtreamService Mystery Promo

Your database is filled with tens of thousands of customers – each made up of unique data points. Knowing who to target, with what vehicle, and when can seem like a cryptic game – piecing together the evidence, narrowing down the possibilities, and finding the perfect match. If you don’t make the perfect prediction, and at the right time, you lose.

So you wonder, just how exactly can this mystery be solved quickly, yet intelligently? The answer is simple: change the game.

Get an edge over your opponents with XtreamService – a faster, smarter, more diligent way to solve the case for who, what, and when. XtreamService leverages three types of dealership data.

One: Demographic. Characteristics about customers inside your CRM.

Two: Transactional. Sales and service history for every customer inside your DMS.

And three: Behavioral. Individual customer actions taken in and outside of your dealership.

Using each type of data to fuel a predictive analytics engine, XtreamService tells you how to win the game. The more data points fueling this engine, the closer you are to answering the critical question, ‘who gets the car?’

The results are in –

Who will buy from you… What they’ll buy… And when they’ll buy it.

Your dealership is built on data – it’s what you do with it that counts. Unlock the data. Reveal the truth. With XtreamService.

Reynolds Integrated Telephone System

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than being bounced around a phone tree continuously repeating the same information. On the flip-side, there is nothing more frustrating for your employees than picking up a call blind and wasting valuable time getting to the important needs of the customer. Reynolds Integrated Telephone System solves both of these problems by providing all the customer information before and during every phone call. 

  • Displays customer information on screen when a call comes in, allowing you to authentically engage customers and tailor their calling experience. 
  • Focus on the customer in front of you by automatically setting reminders and scheduling follow-up calls if a call comes in while you are busy.
  • Track all conversations by extending access to any mobile device.
  • Evaluate call activities and provide actionable coaching with detailed reports and recordings. 

Reynolds Integrated Telephone System Promo

Matt Scranton is eliminating $100,000 per year in personnel expenses.

You are probably wondering how.

Patrick Colley has cut his service no-show rate in half… from 15% to 7%.

Okay, so you probably think it’s a service tool, right?

Sandy Austell is saving 10 deals a month.

Now, you are probably curious. How can it be for service AND sales?

Okay, okay. We’ll let you in on the secret.

(phones ringing)

It’s a telephone system. But it goes way beyond being “just a telephone”.

You get data security, mobility, automatic appointment reminders, improved CSI, and employee performance monitoring.

But it’s also about screen alerts, mobile set-up, actionable data, call reporting and so much more. It’s about seeing the VALUE of every customer.

Can YOUR phone do ALL of that?

See how Reynolds Integrated Telephone System is stepping up the telephone game.


A birthday or anniversary email once a year doesn’t seem to make a difference in building relationships. Even with regular service customers, you’re only given a handful of chances to have a meaningful interaction. Reynolds eNewsletter delivers relevant information on a consistent monthly cadence to help your customers feel connected to you.

  • Move customers and prospects through the buying process with a branded newsletter and monthly incentives.
  • Track newsletter views and clicks to see your most popular articles and promotions.
  • Provide relevant, engaging content from authors who research the automotive industry and consumer trends.
  • Receive service and sales leads in your CRM based on newsletter engagement.
  • Utilize performance metrics like views or clicks to target customers for follow-ups.
Woman smiling reading an enewsletter on her laptop.

What can you experience:

“When we saw FOCUS, I could tell immediately Reynolds listened to dealers’ feedback and created a CRM that was easy to use and navigate. I’m a big fan of the dashboard and being able to drill down in a single window pane. FOCUS was a no-brainer.”

“When you’re not actively selling to your customer base, you risk losing them to another dealership. It was a huge profit opportunity we were missing out on. The ability to be proactive with XtreamService has increased our close ratio upwards of 20%.”

“With Reynolds Integrated Telephone System, we know who the customer is when we answer the phone. We don’t act like we have no idea who’s calling. Everything we do is focused on the customer experience.”

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