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If a customer wants to sign paperwork remotely, can you eContract that deal? Or are you printing it out after they sign to mail it to the lender?  What if a signature is missed?  And then, are you scanning it into document storage before sending the paper copies to the business office?  This process is forcing days to be added to your contracts in transit.

DEALsign allows you to send the deal directly from F&I to the customer electronically, ensuring all signatures are captured and stored as part of a fundable electronic contract. You are able to countersign and send the deal off for funding in hours rather than days. Once signing is complete, customers receive their completed paperwork via email. The final documents become part of the Electronic Deal Jacket, along with a comprehensive audit trail, ready for processing in your business office.

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Benefits of DEALsign

DEALsign Benefits. Phone with a copy of a document.
  • Fast
    Get cash in bank in hours rather than days with fully fundable electronic contracts.
  • Convenient
    Decrease the time it takes to complete a deal by offering customers in-person and remote signing options.
  • Accurate
    Reduce errors with a self-guided signing process that walks the buyer, co-buyer, and even dealership signer through the appropriate steps.
  • Streamlined
    Decrease paper, toner, courier, and storage costs with electronic forms.
  • Thorough
    Stay compliant with an audit trail detailing actions taken by the buyer and co-buyer during the signing process.

Ensure Efficiency and Compliance While Signing

DEALsign provides customers clear instructions to complete their deal and help speed up signing, while maintaining compliance.

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A Better Signing Experience

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