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You sell time. And you only have so many bays and so many techs, so any time a vehicle is waiting – waiting on a quote, waiting on parts, or waiting on approvals – is time you lose. It’s essential you operate with processes that ensure you identify and recommend every opportunity with the customer, increase communication between employees, and keep technicians in their bays.

What if you could...

  • Decrease the amount of missed sales opportunities with a forced-march process for employees?
  • Provide immediate, to-the-penny, accurate quoting to customers every time you give an estimate?
  • Streamline communication between technicians, advisors, and countermen with instant messaging?
  • Track reporting metrics, including sold services, declined, or recommended not done, to use for future follow up?

Here’s How

Advanced Service

In your service department, time is money. Literally. If your techs are waiting at the parts counter for orders or walking back and forth to get updates on approved work or their next job, they are wasting valuable time. Advanced Service transforms your entire service department into a digital ecosystem that helps techs turn the most hours in a day. Recommended work is sent to advisors instantly, techs are notified when the job is approved, and parts are requested automatically.

  • Reduce paper and illegible ROs with a digital process that’s available for all to see and work off of at once.
  • Limit unnecessary walking with instant communication between employees and departments.
  • Implement a forced-march process that ensures technician recommendations are being recommended and tracked for future follow up.
  • Put automatic checks in place to prevent ROs from invoicing if any opportunities have not been addressed with the customer.
Customer pointing to tablet held by technician
Technician Dispatching

Getting the next job to the next available tech is a never ending process.  And there is still always a stack of ROs waiting for a tech and a constant flow of techs waiting for their next job. Every minute either one is waiting is a minute that goes unsold.  With Technician Dispatching, every job is automatically assigned to the right technician based on skill level and availability. It also eliminates time wasted walking and waiting between departments and keeps techs turning wrenches in their bays.

  • Automate dispatching by electronically assigning jobs to technicians based on skills and availability.
  • Load your shop automatically to get the most productivity from your capacity.
  • Give accurate promise times to customers based on service history.
  • Communicate electronically between technicians, advisors, and parts to keep the job moving.
Dispatcher assigning ROs to technicians via computer
Service Price Guides

Getting a complete and accurate price quote for customers can be difficult. And, if the final bill doesn’t match the quote, you run the risk of losing future business and even missing out on money for that job. With Service Price Guides, you can provide customers accurate service estimates in seconds, including all fees and miscellaneous charges, every single time. There are no more transferred calls, techs chasing down pricing and availability, or discrepancies between quoted prices and customer bills.

  • Create to-the-penny estimates for the customer in seconds, every time.
  • Ensure prices include all applicable fees, miscellaneous charges, parts required, labor times, and taxes for every operation automatically.
  • Service Price Guides is accessible throughout the entire department and can be used through the entire RO process, from appointment to cashing out with a single process.
  • Add jobs to the RO instantly and have the parts department notified of everything needed.

Do you need a genius?

[Phone ringing]

Sean Phillips: Reynolds Auto Group. Service department, this is Sean. A 2013 Malibu and all four brakes and rotors? That'll be $572.84.

Manager: It's amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Sean can quote you a price in seconds for any job. Any job.

Coworker: 2016 GMC Double Cab alternator.

SP: $211.92.

Coworker: Oh, there's no way! How does he do this? Okay, ooh, here's a really good one. 2012 Chevy Volt, power window regulator, front brake pads and rotors, and a timing belt.

SP: $281.39.And…it's a timing chain:  $64.97.

Manager: It's unbelievable. Which is why we've created a new position for him, just for him. He is now officially a genius.

Customer: I called in the other day to get some pricing on some shocks and struts and the guy quoted the price so fast, I thought he was pulling my leg. Then I came in to pay and it was the exact same price he quoted me on the phone. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen.

Manager: If you can find your own Sean Phillips, I'm telling you: Hire. Him. Today.

What can you experience:

“Our gross profit has increased by $50,000 per month with Advanced Service.”

“If you compare our effective labor rate before Service Price Guides to our effective labor rate now, it has increased $14, and our hours per RO and gross profit per RO have increased 5% across the board.”

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