Every deal starts with a conversation.

ChatSmart connects you with customers in real-time and allows you to interact with them across any channel they choose – chat, text, Messenger, and more. Gubagoo’s AI-driven LivePlays greet customers personally and proactively, eliminating your reactive scramble to respond to a message. And award-winning chat specialists vet leads and distribute them so you aren’t stuck in a conversation with someone that has no interest in buying from you. 

Benefits of ChatSmart

Mobile device
  • Dynamic
    AI driven LivePlays greet customers with a personalized message based on who they are and what brought them to your site.
  • Real-time
    Engage with customers immediately while they are shopping, just like you do when they are in the store.
  • Quality
    Leads are vetted and qualified by award winning chat specialists so you spend your time in conversations that convert.
  • Efficient
    Move customers from a conversation to commerce by sharing inventory and starting a deal through chat.
  • Always On
    24/7 conversations so you never miss an opportunity to connect.

Fully Managed, Advanced Live Chat Platform

Manage all your conversations in one place with full visibility to customer and live deal information. You can monitor all interactions and step in when it’s time to get the customer into the store or close the deal.

GLive conversation

What can you experience:

“We have been extremely pleased with the Gubagoo chat platform. Since switching from our previous provider, our lead quality has drastically improved and we have seen a 4x increase in vehicle sales from our website.”

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