Advanced Analytics

What gets measured is what gets improved. But how long does it take to compile the information you need? How much do you trust it? And is it consistent across tools and stores? It’s frustrating to spend hours or days compiling reports that often reveal more questions than answers. Analytics should empower you, not hold you back.

What if you could...

  • Easily access important and timely dealership data from anywhere, at any time?
  • Increase your profitability with opportunity forecasting and risk transparency tools?
  • Reduce the time and money spent on building, reviewing, and editing reports?
  • Receive up-to-date notifications on any potential theft or fraud in your business?
  • Customize your reports to see exactly what you need?

Here’s How


In order to see the information you need to run your business, you have to build reports by compiling data from multiple places and stores. And by the time you are able to get everything you need, the information is already outdated. ReverseRisk is a web-based, strategic reporting tool that allows you to view real-time, accurate data and analytics wherever there is an internet connection. You’ll have quick and easy access to critical information whenever you need it. 

  • Over 100 different reports for you to dig into the productivity of your employees, every department, a single dealership, or even an entire group.
  • Transform data points into easy-to-read reports that allow you to make better operating decisions faster.
  • Don’t just focus on the now, quickly and accurately build forecasts, including variable expenses, to view future profits and losses.
  • If you have multiple stores, you can view information for all stores, allowing you to make the right decisions for your entire dealer group.
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Retail Management Intelligence

Every report you pull is coming from a different data set or tool. This can feel disconnected and make you question which one is right. With Retail Management Intelligence, you’re able to access all reporting and dashboards from one central place using a single set of accurate data.

  • Get additional information on any report by drilling down for additional details, like viewing which sales reps are contributing the most to your profit.
  • Ensure you’re seeing exactly what you want to see with a customizable dashboard with your desired metrics for each department.
  • If you’re part of a multi-store group, you can get a complete picture with side-by-side store and branch comparisons.
  • Access all your reports on-the-go with the my RMI mobile application.
Retail Management Intelligence
Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Although you never want to think it will happen to you, dealership fraud is extremely common. It can be hard to keep an eye on everything that is happening, especially if you have multiple locations. What if you had a way to actively deter theft, not just notify you after it has happened? Protect yourself with Suspicious Activity Monitoring, a system-wide advanced analytics and forensic accounting solution that monitors operations throughout your entire dealership.

  • Round-the-clock system monitoring watches for potentially unethical practices, like theft or embezzlement, and will send alerts to designated users if discovered.
  • Receive monthly emails with report summaries showing active, ignored, or resolved events that are broken down by store and employee.
  • Easily understand the severity of a potential threat with color-coded alerts on the dashboard.
  • If you have a question about any report on the dashboard, easily drill down for more details.
  • Reduce the chance of unethical activity with an embedded warning message on every ERA-IGNITE screen.

Video: Suspicious Activity Monitoring Newscast

A television sits in a dealership breakroom.

A service advisor comes in as a newscast starts. She hears the news and sits down. Another advisor joins her.

“This is the mid-day news on RUTV 15. Welcome back, I’m Dan Owens for RUTV 15. Earlier today, an employee at a local dealership was convicted of embezzling half a million dollars. While the dealership had employed this woman for many years, she claims she had good reason for the theft. It seems the woman felt underpaid for the amount of work she was doing. We’re joined now by Rachel Perkins, outside of the courthouse. Rachel?”

We’re taken the courthouse where an interview is happening.

“Thanks Dan. I’m here with Assistant District Attorney, Dean Mullen. Dean, what can you tell us about this very serious issue?”

The office manager has joined the advisors in the breakroom.

“Well Rachel, recent studies have shown that over half of dealerships have experienced theft or know a dealer who has.”

“And do dealerships usually get that money back Dean?”

The title clerk also sits down to watch the news.

“No, and what’s most interesting to me is how devastated these dealers are. Oftentimes it’s someone that they know, or trust.”

“That’s shocking Dean. Earlier today, our very own Sam Hudson had an opportunity to sit down with an expert in the field about how dealerships can combat employee theft. Sam, over to you.”

The general manager brings the dealer into the breakroom and shows him what everyone is watching.

The video follows Sam into a conference room to chat with a local CPA.

Sam says, “I sat down with Amy Ridley, a local CPA, who has some advice for dealerships on how to reduce their risk.”

“You’re an accountant for several local dealerships. Do you actively search for employee fraud?” Sam asks.

Amy replies, “You know, I don’t Sam, and there’s a good reason for that. You see, the complexities of dealership operations make it difficult to detect theft. In fact, most CPAs don’t audit for theft or fraud so again, that’s why it’s important for dealerships to have a good system in place.”

The dealer in the breakroom is unhappy and the employees look worried.

Back in the newsroom, Dan brings us to a commercial break. “Thanks for that report Sam, it was very insightful. After the break, we’ll check the weather for this weekend’s big game.”

The dealer storms out.

The dealer walks through the dealership and passes the office. An office employee is sitting at her desk.

The dealer is checking his phone while talking to himself, “Man, I hope we have a system for that.”

The office employee rips a page out of a checkbook and slips it into her purse. She gets up, pauses at the door, shrugs toward the direction of the dealer and goes the other way.

Don’t Be A News Story.

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Retail Management System

Reynolds and Reynolds

Managed Customer Database Platform

Is your CDP just one more database you have to manage? Are you putting more work into getting the right information than you are actually using that data for improving your customers’ experience? The Reynolds Managed CDP enhances your dealership's DMS records with Reynolds' proprietary data for a complete picture of your audience. With actionable data and an expert to manage your strategy, you can successfully reach targeted segments of your customers with personalized, relevant messages.

  • Fill information gaps in email and home addresses, vehicle ownership, consumer demographics, market area data, and more.
  • See greater ROI by leveraging accurate consumer data across your marketing strategy.
  • Segment your customer base into distinct profiles so messages are precisely targeted to individuals based on their behaviors and needs.
  • Work with experts that have automotive industry experience to ensure your goals are met through best practices and regulation compliance.
Couple in car, wife looking at phone screen smiling.

What can you experience:

“I build all of my own reports in Retail Management Intelligence. I’m comfortable in it and can get around in about five minutes for anything I need.”

“ReverseRisk’s user interface allows us to view factory receivables, contracts-in-transit, notes that have been added to a deal, and critical business information in one single place…ReverseRisk is worth its weight in gold.”

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