Virtual Retailing

Book accurate, fundable deals online using a single deal from your website to your CRM to F&I and all the way to accounting.

100%. That’s the percentage of deals whose online payments don’t match the contract when you put the deal together in the DMS. It’s frustrating and a waste of time for you and the customer.

You can eliminate that with Gubagoo Virtual Retailing by using a single deal across the transaction. Everything the customer sees and enters online is the same deal the salesperson and F&I manager see in store. The entire deal is digital throughout the process, eliminating paper, toner, and courier costs. Give yourself the tools you need to make the most of every customer interaction, whether it’s in-store or online.

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Benefits of Virtual Retailing

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  • Flexible
    Offer the consumer perceived control with a step-by-step click path.
  • Personalized
    Allow customers to easily browse inventory and transition seamlessly in-store with Showroom.
  • Accurate
    Confidently offer penny-perfect payoffs with live trade valuations.
  • Fundable
    Connect consumers with lenders in real-time for accurate, fundable deals.
  • Secure
    Speed up the deal process with remote signing and customer document uploading.

A Truly Guided Experience

Walk through the entire car buying experience 100% remotely.

Building deal online

Offer Builder

Truly build, work, and finalize unique deal scenarios based on the customer’s needs.

Offer Builder

What can you experience:

“No one else has the magic that Gubagoo has put together. When we switched over from another popular digital retailing tool our engagements went up by 50% and our opportunities doubled. There’s nothing like it. Our whole team is absolutely sold. Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing is a huge, huge win for us.”

“We are VERY happy with the job the Gubagoo team is doing. A far superior product with verifiable results. Exactly what we needed.”

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