Network Security

Day in and day out you’re focused on selling and servicing vehicles. But who’s focused on protecting your software, your data, and ultimately your business from cyber threats? You need a complete and comprehensive system to protect you.

What if you could...

  • Entrust your dealership’s network security to automotive security experts who handle everything your dealership needs?
  • Have one, single point of contact for all your security needs?
  • Rest easy knowing a team of experts is monitoring your network and security 24/7/365 with the proper protocols in place if a threat were to occur?
  • Receive security templates and reports that not only keep you informed of your dealership’s security health, but also help you meet the FTC Safeguards Rule?

Here’s How

IT Management

It takes a lot of technology to run your dealership successfully. A key piece to that success is to ensure that technology is protected and working properly day in and day out. IT Management, from Proton Dealership IT, is a robust solution that includes a fully outsourced IT and Network Operations Center that works with your own internal team to ensure your infrastructure is working at full strength.

  • A complete offering that includes Network Management, Remote Helpdesk services, Server and Hardware services, Vendor Management, and so much more.
  • A dedicated Network Operations Center that provides 24/7/365 support and monitoring.
  • Expertise to support a variety of devices and hardware, including computers, mobile devices, printers, keyboards, and barcode scanners.
Network Security Center monitoring station.

Ransomware is a growing threat for dealerships, and the number one infiltration method is email.  You need the proper defenses set up around your network, firewalls, and endpoints to ensure your systems are secure. Cybersecurity, from Proton Dealership IT, is a comprehensive approach that protects your dealership from the outside in, including monitoring, detection, and response.

  • Your employees are working in email every single day. Utilize our advanced email security to monitor, detect, and prevent potential threats from getting into your network.
  • Scan and test your defenses to get a baseline of where you need to start improving.
  • Endpoint detection and response ensures every device in your store is protected with a proactive approach to security.
Dealership employee opening his computer to a malware attack.
is the average number of days a business is down after a ransomware attack.
Compliance Services

As cyberattacks continue to rise, protection measures at the federal and state levels are only going to increase. Right now, your dealership is faced with the FTC Safeguards Rule amendments. Get the templates and reports you need to be compliant with our Compliance Services package.

  • Detailed templates that help guide you in creating the reports necessary to meet the FTC Safeguards Rule, including risk assessments, information security policy, incident response plan, executive report, third party risk assessment, and more.
  • Run authentic phishing simulation tests to understand vulnerabilities in your system. Utilize detailed reports to create an action plan for improvement.
  • Educate your employees on security awareness with a robust set of tools including videos.
Dealer principal reviewing network reports.

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