Accuracy is the most important aspect of desking a deal. It creates trust and provides the opportunity to present multiple options to the customer. Does your deal in-store match exactly what the customer saw online and does it carry over to your DMS?

What if you could...

  • Easily and accurately add accessories to any deal?
  • Build multiple payment options, including both retail and lease, in seconds?
  • Ensure that a deal built online is an exact match for what is built in-store?
  • Provide to-the-penny accurate payments, including all rates, residuals, rebates, and incentives?
  • Improve CSI with transparent and conversational deals?

Here’s How


When you consider every rate, incentive, term, and other factor that impacts the deal, you risk leaving the customer alone repeatedly during the sales process. Every time a salesperson walks away from the customer to run new numbers, they lose a little bit of trust. With Desking, you can build customer trust and simplify the negotiation process by quickly working multiple payment options that satisfy both your profit goal and your customer’s requirements.

  • Work a single deal online to in-store with matching payments across all scenarios.
  • Compare up to six scenarios at once to review options side-by-side while negotiating with customers.
  • Prioritize your goals during proposals with custom settings and adjustable views.
  • Reference live inventory data and vehicle details from ERA-IGNITE directly in Desking and adjust deals accordingly.
  • Share proposals with FOCUS and keep customer profiles updated as new information is received.
Dealership customers looking over deal paperwork.
Virtual Retailing

How frustrating is it when a customer tries to build a deal online and you know taxes and fees won’t match and a bank isn’t going to buy the deal? You have to rebuild the deal, get it bought, and then explain to the customer why the payment has gone up by $61. You don’t get to sell, instead you have to manage damage control. Gubagoo Virtual Retailing is an end-to-end retailing experience that uses the same deal online and in-store. No inaccurate payments and no rekeying – and you get to focus on selling again.

  • Present down-to-the-penny detailed loan or lease payment options online for any vehicle, while accounting for their trade-in using real market data.
  • Speed up the paperwork process with online credit applications and document uploads.
  • Build accurate deals online with stackable rebates and incentives, real-time lender approvals, and a first pass at aftermarket products.
  • Use a single deal throughout the transaction – online, in the CRM, in F&I, and through to accounting with no duplicates and no rekeying.
Salesperson working deal on tablet

Selling accessories is a pain and can feel more like a convenience for your customers than a profit center for you. You can change that and take advantage of the growing accessory market. AddOnAuto provides an interactive accessory shopping experience for customers that is built directly into ERA-IGNITE for accurate payments and a seamless rollover to F&I and your fixed operations department. It takes the headache out of accessory sales.

  • Present authentic OEM parts with accurate payments that can be built directly into the deal.
  • Capture additional profit on each vehicle sale by allowing customers to shop for accessories they will most likely buy elsewhere anyway.
  • Streamline the accessory fulfillment process with automated notifications to fixed operations about new orders.
  • Detailed reporting allows you to easily track sales and accessory performance.

Why We Don’t Sell Accessories…

In the dealership, Mrs. Miller is nearing the end of her negotiations with her salesman. He organizes some paperwork to hand to her and says, “Congratulations on your new car, Mrs. Miller.”

“Oh, thank you!” she responds. “I’m so excited.”

“Is there anything else I can get for you today?”

Mrs. Miller thinks for a second. “You know what? How about a spoiler?”

Dread passes over the salesman’s face; the word “spoiler” echoes in his head. This was the last thing he wanted to hear. “A spoiler?” he asks.

Mrs. Miller nods, smiling.

“Do you know how hard it is to get a spoiler around here?”

A little taken aback, Mrs. Miller shakes her head no.

The salesman continues, “First I’m going to have to call parts. They put me on hold every time. Eventually, they tell me the spoiler’s going to be $399. Then, they’ll transfer me to service.”

“If Chuck answers, it’ll probably only be $100 in labor. But if Matt answers, it could be $200 in labor, plus! I’ll just quote you around $800 for your spoiler.”

Mrs. Miller is completely shocked by that amount.

“Once they get the part in, you’ll drive all the way here, just for the parts department to tell me it’s the wrong color. You just missed little Suzy’s soccer game, and she’s upset.”

“And do you know what happens to my commission?” the salesman asks, getting more agitated. Mrs. Miller looks a little worried and says no.

“It goes flying out the window! You’ll come back to get your car,” he continues, in a mocking tone, “and you and little Suzy will be on your merry little way.”

“Meanwhile,” the salesman starts to talk in a matter-of-fact tone with his chest puffed out, “my dealer’s lookin’ over the books and says, ‘Who authorized this spoiler? That was supposed to be four hours, instead of two!’ ”

The salesman stands up and leans over the counter. Mrs. Miller recoils with fear in her eyes. “Well guess what?” he says. He points to himself, “I’m upset too. Who’s going to pay for it? Me!” Mrs. Miller fearfully nods her head. “It’s all your fault because you wanted a little spoiler on your car!” Mrs. Miller looks around for help.

The salesman is sitting in his chair with a blank expression on his face. He had imagined the entire interaction. Mrs. Miller is still sitting across from him, smiling cheerfully.

He smiles and pulls out a business card. “Why don’t you go see my friend, Bob? They do all our accessories work.”

Mrs. Miller nods. “Great! I’ll do that. Thank you so much!”

They shake hands and close the deal.

Rethink accessories selling with AddOnAuto from Reynolds and Reynolds.

What can you experience:

“I chose AddOnAuto because of the wow factor it gives customers and its potential to generate a lot of profit. I make $18,000 in profit a month from accessory sales alone.”

“Desking saves me at least 15 minutes per deal. At around 60 deals per month, we’re talking about a savings of 15 hours a month. Using multiple scenarios makes my job a lot easier. I generally give most of my customers several different scenarios because it is so quick. It increases your odds of selling the car.”

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