docuPAD® Remote

Bring the F&I experience to your customer, no matter where they are, while maintaining profitability, efficiency, and compliance.

More than 71% of consumers say they are not very familiar with F&I products and over 40% think it is extremely important to speak with an F&I expert, but when you offer aftermarket products to your remote customers it’s always a struggle to sell anything. Some of your fastest and most definitive no’s come over the phone or through email.

With docuPAD Remote, you can remain in control and bring the in-store experience to your customers wherever they are. docuPAD Remote allows you to connect via video chat, share F&I menus and sales tools virtually, and complete document signing electronically so you can deliver the same penetration results online and in store.

Benefits of docuPAD Remote

Customers reviewing menu items with an F&I manager using docuPAD Remote.
  • Flexible
    Offer a virtual F&I experience to help you sell.
  • Consistent
    Deliver the same presentation online as you do in-store to maintain profitability and compliance.
  • Interactive
    Engage buyers with a virtual, interactive menu presentation and forms-signing process to get them saying yes and keep the momentum going.
  • Streamlined
    Save on paper, toner, courier, and storage costs with electronic documents.
  • Compliant
    Actively track each presentation with a complete audit trail and confirm the buyer is who they say they are.

Educate and Engage Remote Customers

Use the power of your F&I office no matter where the customer is. Leverage the docuPAD system to get your customers to lean in, engage, and ultimately buy.

docuPAD Remote menu screen.

Ensure Efficiency and Compliance While Signing

Once the menu presentation is complete, send customers a secure link so they can sign documents remotely.

Forms signing screen on docuPAD Remote.

What can you experience:

“docuPAD Remote has totally transformed our whole business. Our customers’ response to docuPAD Remote has been unbelievable.”

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“The first retail customer to see docuPAD Remote, he got so excited he called his wife and kids in. ‘Come here, you won’t believe this!’ Because of course it’s like he’s sitting in the finance office.”

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“The penetration versus just over the phone, we’re averaging about $500 more in gross now using the docuPAD Remote system.”

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