Your previous customers are being neglected.

You’re checking in on some of your online reviews when you stumble across a negative one. The customer had bought their last two cars from your dealership, yet when they showed up, no one knew it. Not to mention the special that had brought them in had wrong information all over it. No one had updated their information, and your CRM says they hadn’t been contacted in years. You wonder how many other neglected customers are lurking in your database.

Bring them back with a better experience.

Increase customer retention with engaging experiences. Keeping your customers’ information updated and on hand gives you incredible opportunities to resell to them in the future. Let them know when they have service milestones coming up to remind them to bring their car in. Send them other targeted communications to let them know you’re always there for them. You can greet them by name at the dealership and send personalized emails throughout their ownership.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Dealer Principal

You’ve heard over and over, attracting a new customer costs between five to eight times more than it does to retain one. You’re wasting money trying to get new customers in the door when you could bring previous customers back. Provide a one-of-a-kind purchasing experience, maintain relationships, and communicate with your existing customers. You’ll spend less money and increase your sales numbers.

General Manager

You can’t count on brand loyalty anymore to bring customers back; you have to build loyalty to your store. Deliver the best buying and service experiences possible. Follow up with customers to build lasting relationships with your store. They will think of you first for future service needs or their next vehicle purchase.

Sales Manager

Starting the day without prospects is leaving too much to chance. Instead of waiting for customers to walk in the door, find them in your existing customer database. You’ll know at a glance which customers are more likely to buy based on equity position and their history with your dealership. This gives you a chance to target them with the right message at the right time and tailor your follow-up processes.

Service Manager

You are losing business because you aren’t meeting customers’ expectations. They want fast, convenient services from people they trust. You only have one shot to impress them and meet their expectations. Keep customers coming back with a quick, personalized experience and regular communications. You’ll be their first thought for future repairs and accessory sales.

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