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You’ve tried automated emails from your CRM, you’ve tried custom emails, you’ve tried vehicle offers, and you’ve tried greeting customers when they are in for service. Is it even worth it? Customers almost never respond and it’s really hard to build any kind of relationship.

Reynolds' fully managed eNewsletter service helps ensure every interaction with your brand is a valuable one by providing branded emails containing interesting articles and timely promotions. Our staff­ of in-house writers produce unique material that can be targeted geographically and cover topics such as entertainment, lifestyle, and communities, as well as cars and service.

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Benefits of eNewsletter

Enewsletter on a laptop screen
  • Guided
    Receive personalized recommendations from our marketing experts throughout the planning, design, and execution of your newsletter.
  • Relevant
    Support dealership events or promotions with offers that are relevant to your subscribers’ interests and needs.
  • Customizable
    Create custom, branded content that aligns with the rest of your marketing strategy.
  • Insightful
    Use reader engagement metrics and tracking capabilities to identify sales and service opportunities, as well as provide readers with more of the content they enjoy.

Strategically Planned, Designed, and Executed

Interact with your customers on a regular basis using content they look forward to. 

Sample eNewsletter for Reynolds Auto Group

What can you experience:

Our eNewsletter helps us stay in the game with communication that is softer than an obvious sales tactic.

We’ve been sending out our enewsletter on a monthly basis with a great response from our customers with a very minimal opt out rate.

Every month after we publish our e-newsletter, we see a jump in our service revenue. We enjoy the ability, through the back end tools, to see exactly who clicked on what articles/specials and can follow up with these leads and turn them into sales.

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