Redefine what a CRM can do to help you find and win business.

How many times have you come into work, sat down, and felt a little confused about where to start your day? You know you have a long list of tasks and to-dos, but it’s not easy to sift through the information and know where to start.

FOCUS is designed to help you prioritize your most important customers based on profitability. It provides an easy and intuitive dashboard to see every touchpoint with your dealership – all activities, customer and deal information, website interactions, and appointments and service details – so you can move customer relationships forward from anywhere at any time. 

Benefits of FOCUS

FOCUS Tablet
  • Profitable
    Focus your attention on customers who are more likely to buy, increasing your dealership’s profit.
  • Efficient
    Increase employee efficiency with a seamless desktop-to-mobile workflow.
  • Insightful
    Use real-time data and insights to coach and strengthen employees as they are working with the customer. Never lose a deal again.
  • Automated
    Take the guess work out of customer communication by utilizing automatic results-based workflows that provide relevant and timely information to both prospects and customers.
  • Convenient
    Built as part of Reynolds Retail Management System to ensure a seamless end-to-end process, providing a complete picture of your customer from sales to service.

Track and Manage Tasks with Role-Specific Dashboards

Dashboards are personalized based on your job role, allowing you to focus on tasks and measure goals important to helping you and your dealership succeed. 

FOCUS Main Dashboard

Access Information Anywhere

Sales people can go anywhere with the customer and have all the information they need from their phone, while also being able to communicate with the desk. 

FOCUS Mobile

Manage Your Service Relationships

Capitalize on service opportunities with your existing customer base and communicate the right message at the right time.

Fixed FOCUS user interface screen.

What can you experience:

“The best part about FOCUS for everyone is having everything we need on one screen. Instead of navigating through multiple tabs or windows, FOCUS takes key pieces of information and displays it on the dashboard in real-time.”

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