Increase your sales volume by pursuing leads from unconventional sources.

It can be tough to determine which leads are worth pursuing, whether thats knowing the right person to talk to or the right time to talk to that person. Going after the wrong leads can cost your dealership time and resources, not to mention the profit opportunity lost from choosing the wrong leads. Traditional equity mining tools skip over potential lifelong customers just because they have negative equity.

XtreamService is a data-mining tool that produces high quality sales leads by combining transactional, behavioral, and demographic data. This data is segmented and used in the service drive or in marketing campaigns to target leads you may not traditionally consider, allowing you to improve customer retention, get better quality trade-ins, and turn over slow-moving inventory. Easily track leads and their performance from any source in the XtreamService dashboard or in FOCUS. 

Benefits of XtreamService

XtreamService in use
  • Intelligent
    Identify high quality leads which would normally be overlooked.
  • Organized
    Reference custom sales reports to make more informed targeting decisions.
  • Alert
    Receive real-time notifications for service walk-ins that are considered qualified sales leads.
  • Effective
    Lead customers into sales conversations naturally and quickly with suggested vehicles and payments.

Actionable Information in One Place

View all potential lead opportunities on one screen, while also being able to check in on the sales and opportunity goals you set for your dealership. 

XTS dashboard

Get the Full Story Behind a Lead

XtreamService gives you all the information you need about a specific customer and their current vehicle, while also proposing a new vehicle and deal all on one screen. 

XTS leadsheet

What can you experience:

“XtreamService ultimately allows us to help customers through the lifetime of their lease or finance term, and then get them into a new car from our dealership.”

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