Customers are declining service.

Thirty-seven customers declined services recommended by your team this week. Other problems were found by your technicians but never even presented to your customers. Technicians see problems, but advisors are over worked or simply aren’t confident in selling additional services. Your service department is full, but you are losing out on profitable service business already in your shop. Once customers leave, they aren't reminded to come back for the necessary services, leaving money on the table.

Manage your service opportunities.

Record every recommendation in the system and ensure each is presented to your customers. Use comprehensive reports and communication tools in Advanced Service to know which upsell opportunities were performed and which ones still need follow-up.

Encourage and incentivize customers to come back in for these services, regardless of the DMS you choose, with ReminderTRAX® mailers and emails. Capitalize on every service opportunity, both in and out of the dealership.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Service Manager

Stop letting your valuable customers walk away without important recommended service repairs. Implement easy-to-adopt processes with your advisors, making your team better at selling on the service drive. Also send automatic reminders after they leave to come back for recommended service that was not completed.

General Manager

Improve customer loyalty to protect the long-term growth of your dealership.

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