Status Board for Service

Give customers a better service experience by keeping them updated on their vehicle’s status.

You need to focus on upselling recommended work, but almost every customer is asking about the status of their vehicle. You are happy to help them out, but its delaying jobs in the shop waiting on approval.

Status Board for Service keeps your waiting customers updated on their vehicles right from the waiting room. This service solution allows you to display the status of customer vehicles and other information, such as the name of the advisor they are working with, as the vehicle moves through the service process.

A screen with the status of people's vehicles.

Benefits of Status Board for Service

People in a waiting room with the status board showing the status of their vehicle.
  • Informational
    Eliminate unnecessary status questions, saving your advisors and countermen time, by providing customers with the information while they wait.
  • Efficient
    Reduce manual work by ensuring vehicle statuses update automatically directly from the repair order status in service.
  • Customizable
    Customize the vehicle status phrasing being displayed to customers, such as “car wash,” “final inspection,” “cashier,” and “see advisor.”
  • Effective
    Increase service and parts sales by displaying dealership advertisements and specials on screen.

Display Screen

This screen will display in your waiting area, keeping your customers informed on the status of their vehicles.

Display of status board showing vehicle statuses.

What can you experience:

“Customers love looking at the Service Status Board to see where their car is while waiting in the lounge. Our CSI score has improved 4% because they feel more informed.”

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