Modernize your service approval process with mobile capabilities and convenience.

The vehicle is on the lift taking up a bay. The technician does a great inspection and diagnoses three issues. The advisor gets pricing around and calls the customer for approval. Voicemail. Another call, another voicemail. The customer calls back at 3:30 and approves the work, and now she is upset the vehicle won’t be ready today.

With eApproval, you meet consumers where they are with a user-friendly, electronic approval system that is educational, speeds up the entire process, and increases service sales. After your multipoint inspection, send customers a link to view their vehicle’s health status and recommended work with exact pricing and descriptions for each service, as well as pictures and videos showing needed repairs. This educates the customer and makes it easy for you to gain approval for work quickly and close out that RO.

eApproval screens

Benefits of eApproval

Man using eApproval
  • Efficient
    Decrease the time it takes to get work approved by sending recommendations electronically instead of trying to catch customers on the phone.
  • Transparent
    Build trust with customers by being transparent on the vehicle status and providing accurate pricing.
  • Effective
    Improve close rates by educating the customer on the service being recommended and why it’s important, utilizing pictures and videos.
  • Automated
    Get work to technicians faster with automated notifications when a customer approves work.
  • Trackable
    Document work being approved or declined electronically to reduce your reliance on paper.

Simple, Clear Communication

Advisors and technicians work seamlessly in ERA-IGNITE to send information to the customer.

eApproval's approve work screen

Quick and Easy Approval

The customer is sent a link that gives them all the information to approve work on the go.

eApproval's detailed service and part info screen.

What can you experience:

“With eApproval, our customers can get their multipoint inspection and recommended maintenance from us on their mobile device, open up a video or picture, and approve or decline work in a few clicks. Not only has this increased upsells, it’s also created a more transparent experience for our customers, resulting in higher CSI and a 10-point increase in our Net Promoter Score.”

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