Text Messaging for ERA®

Text your customers; it’s what they’ve been asking for.

You’ve spent your morning making appointment confirmation and reminder phone calls to service customers. With each call, you leave another voicemail. Appointment no-show numbers have been sky-rocketing, and these games of phone tag are really hurting productivity. There has to be a better way.

Text Messaging for ERA is a modern communication and automated notification system, that keeps customers and employees engaged and informed of key activities. You can send standard text messages from anywhere in ERA-IGNITE to your customers to inform them of service reminders, RO invoices, parts notifications, appointment confirmations, and more. Any responses from customers are stored with your text messages in ERA-IGNITE in case they need referenced later.

Consumer texting a dealership on her cell phone.

Benefits of Texting Messaging for ERA

Service tech texting a customer on his cell phone in the service drive.
  • Customized
    Create customized text messages for your dealership so you can guarantee every text is professional and represents your business.
  • Compliant
    Ensure FCC compliance with a standard opt-in process and opt-out clause in every message.
  • Customer Friendly
    Improve customer relationships by storing which types of notifications each customer would like to receive.
  • Mobile
    Text your customers from any mobile device while still experiencing all of the features available on your desktop.
  • Seamless
    Manage all of your texts from a single dashboard with quick at-a-glance details like customer, RO, and advisor info or view the entire message history.

What can you experience:

“Text Messaging for ERA has allowed [our advisors] to spend less time answering the phone and more time proactively reaching out to declined service customers and driving traffic to our business. What was once a five to ten minute phone call can now be taken care of through a quick text conversation.”

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