Are you prepared for regulatory changes?

The increase of forms, regulations, and laws is never-ending. You have to hire and train your staff, maintain compliance, and sell cars at the same time. Something’s got to give. You need to handle the latest regulations to avoid litigation, fines, and stay out of trouble.

Maintain compliance and increase profits.

Stay up-to-date with state and OEM regulations automatically. The docuPAD® system allows you to present every customer with every option and get signatures on every document, every time. Maintain F&I compliance and focus on your top priorities ― selling cars and making money.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Dealer Principal

Keep your team compliant and keep disclosures complete and consistent, mitigating any risk. Sleep better at night knowing your dealership is compliant and safe from penalties and fines.

General Manager

Stop worrying about compliance and start focusing on selling. Built-in compliance procedures in the docuPAD system will ensure you're covered. 

F&I Manager

Standardized deal documents allow a more consistent F&I process in every transaction, helping you create more profitable and compliant opportunities by showing every customer every product. A standardized presentation process also helps reduce the risk of compliance violation fines.

Accounting Manager

Quicker funding means less hassle for you. Access any form you need digitally. Scan in miscellaneous documents to all be stored together electronically. You don’t have to wait on F&I or track down a missing signature or a missing document. You’ll have everything you need to close out the transaction.

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