Integrated Document Management

From deals to invoices to ROs, you have paper everywhere; it’s time to break free with an electronic solution.

Tracking down two years’ worth of deals for an audit makes for a long month.  Deals are everywhere – above the parts department, in the office, out in the storage compartment.  And if they have ever been pulled before, the likelihood of them being in the right place, or even complete, is slim.

With Integrated Document Management, you can eliminate the piles of paper overwhelming your archives. Use completely digital documents start to finish, or quickly scan all files into a digital storage system that allows you to easily search and filter to find exactly what you need in seconds, not hours. Integrated Document Management is a complete, electronic document storage system built for your entire dealership.

Benefits of Integrated Document Management

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  • Efficient
    Save time by searching for and viewing documents on your computer instead of sifting through hard copies.
  • Cost Reducing
    Minimize cost spent on supplies, copies, and storage by reducing the amount of physical paper.
  • Secure
    Reduce risk of misused, damaged, or stolen files with secure access to documents.
  • Immediate
    Take the stress out of audits with immediate access to archived documents.
  • Digital
    Scan and digitally store documents that are still required to be printed and signed.

What can you experience:

“It used to take hours to find something in the storage closet, and now it only takes two minutes. If a customer requests a document, we can access it quickly and email it to them from the application. Time is everything, so that has been a huge benefit.”

“Since Integrated Document Management is built to work with ERA-IGNITE, I can now view documents directly from my system, which is faster and more reliable.”

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