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Your technician did a great inspection. He diagnosed the customer complaint and identified two more jobs that needed to be done. Now he has to decide the likelihood of the customer approving all the work he found. If he doesn’t think he’s going to get to the job today, should he spend the time it takes to look up labor, walk to parts, get pricing and availability, and then take it up to the advisor? Or should he just quote the job the customer came in for and get that vehicle out of his bay to turn more guaranteed hours?

Service Price Guides removes the need to make that decision. He can provide a to-the-penny quote in seconds including shop supplies, gas, oil, and grease, and taxes. Your advisor can now sell the customer on all the work that needs done.

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Benefits of Service Price Guides

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  • Efficiency
    Deliver consistent quotes across advisors and eliminate costly policy write-offs.
  • Convenience
    Ensure parts, fluids, and miscellaneous charges are included in the quote.
  • Satisfaction
    Increase CSI and sell more service with accurate quotes.
  • Profitability
    Boost parts and labor profit per RO.
  • Results
    Drive ELR up to and past your door rate.

Quotes You Can Count On

With accurate pricing, you’ll build trust with customers because their first quote matches their final bill.

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Instant Quotes Always Available

Service Price Guides puts instant, accurate, and complete estimates into the hands of advisors and technicians throughout the entire RO process.

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What can you experience:

“With Service Price Guides we can give a customer a price to the penny and do it with confidence which is the most important thing.”

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