Technician Dispatching

Service more vehicles by electronically assigning the right technician to the right job every time.

You see a technician walking to the advisor with a paper RO in hand. She’s done with her carry over job from yesterday. She waits for the advisor to finish up on the phone, then lets him know what was completed. She heads to the dispatcher and waits. The dispatcher decides which job is next and hands her the RO. The tech goes and finds the vehicle so she can get started. Over half an hour has passed since she finished his last job. That is time that will never be sold.

Technician Dispatching helps your techs stay in their bays by completing ROs electronically, and dispatching their next job instantly. Less time walking and waiting, and more time turning hours.

Increase technician efficiency.

Benefits of Technician Dispatching

Increase your technicians' efficiency.
  • Fast
    Speed up service work by ensuring ROs get routed electronically.
  • Efficient
    Load your shop automatically to get the most productivity from your capacity.
  • Skill-based
    Ensure each job will get completed right the first time by automatically assigning jobs based on technician skill.
  • Electronic
    Send parts requests electronically, and receive a notification when parts are ready.
  • Accurate
    Calculate and give customers accurate promise times based on service history.

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