Monitoring payments is too tedious.

You need to stay on top of your dealership’s cash flow. You’re tediously monitoring your F&I office and five different websites just to see if you’ve received any payments yet. Monitoring the money the dealership is supposed to receive could be a full-time job.

Consolidate payment monitoring.

Monitor the payments you’re receiving in a single place. Know immediately when payments are made. See what outstanding balances still need to be closed. Look at financial reports at anytime, right at your desk.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Dealer Principal

One login saves you time and effort when monitoring payments. One login. That’s all you need. Know exactly where your cash is and what’s going on any time of the day. 

General Manager

Don’t let outstanding balances fall off the radar. Know exactly how much your store should be receiving at any given moment. Quickly access and monitor payments in one location and keep your store profitable.

Payroll Manager

Quickly see payments coming to your dealership, without digging through reports. Use your data so you know exactly where your cash is and what’s going on in your dealership at anytime.


Know exactly how much money was collected for the deposit and how much was financed as soon as a deal leaves F&I. When customers sign their contracts and shake your F&I manager’s hand, you can start processing the deal.

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