Accounting Electronic Communications

Send statements electronically to speed up cash flow.

It’s nearing that time of the month again… the one where you have to create, print, and mail out A/R statements. It takes time and costs money for paper, toner, and postage, but the real problem is the waiting after they are in the mail. You have no idea when those checks will come back so you can get cash in the bank.

With Accounting Electronic Communications, you can  send A/R statements, cash receipts, EFT remittance, and direct deposit advices through email and have an audit trail of everything that’s been sent, to who, and when. And you can embed payment links to help secure prompt remittance.

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Benefits of Accounting Electronic Communications

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  • Accurate
    A digital process automatically pulls in the correct information directly from ERA-IGNITE so you no longer have to re-key information.
  • Timely
    Statements are able to be sent immediately, meaning you’ll get the payment quicker too.
  • Connected
    When paired with ReyPAY®, you can provide customers with electronic links for immediate payment.
  • Branded
    Use email templates with your dealership’s logo and colors for a professional, branded look.

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