Reynolds Electronic Payables

Digitize and streamline the way you pay vendors.

Paying your vendors is one of your reoccurring tasks that has never gotten easier. It takes hours to process all your invoices, print checks, stuff envelopes, pay for postage, and get them in the mail. Then you wait for checks to clear. You are only able to do this once or twice a month, so some bills end up being paid weeks before they are due.  You’re laying out cash early with no benefit to the dealership.

Your accounts payable process is in need of an overhaul. Reynolds Electronic Payables improves inefficient and costly A/P processes by digitizing and streamlining the entire workflow. You can upload a single batch file and each individual invoice will then be paid electronically on the precise day it is due. Plus, with the use of a virtual card, you can earn rebates on vendor payments, turning a traditionally costly process into a revenue generator.

Woman making an electronic payment on her home computer

Benefits of Reynolds Electronic Payables

Woman making an electronic payment on her work computer
  • Efficient
    Take control of your cash flow by paying vendors the day invoices are due rather than batch printing checks once or twice each month.
  • Time Saving
    Pay your vendors electronically with a single file each month and completely eliminate the need to print and mail checks.
  • Profitable
    Receive rebates on every virtual card payment that was previously paid by check.
  • Consolidated
    Send payments directly from ERA-IGNITE for efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

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