Are you losing customers after losing parts?

You told the advisor to go ahead and bring the car in. According to the system, the new headlight was ready and waiting. Fifteen minutes later, you are staring at an empty shelf. What could have been a quick repair will now have to wait for tomorrow. The customer is going to have to come back later — if they come back at all.

Automatically update inventory for better service.

Make sure what you see on the screen is what you find on the shelves. Speed up your inventory counts with bar code scanners and input accurate numbers while receipting. Each part is immediately logged in your system, without entry errors caused by pen and paper. Having accurate counts means you won’t have angry service advisors or customers.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Parts Manager

If your parts aren’t selling, you’re losing money. If you don’t know where your parts are, you can’t sell them. Keep better track of your inventory and make sure you’re getting accurate counts.

Parts Counterperson

You can trust the system count again. When picking parts, save yourself time by knowing the count in your computer matches what you actually have on-hand. Don’t let your customers leave without buying what they came for.

Service Manager

Stop wasting your customers’ time by calling them in for repairs you can’t complete. Confirm the parts department has what you need before the customer steps foot in the building. Schedule appointments when you know your inventory will be ready. Send the customer away with a good experience after their first visit and they’ll come back to you for future repairs.

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