It’s hard to keep good employees.

You’re sitting in the fourth interview this week for a new sales manager. You listen to the candidate give you canned answers about how productive he is and how his only weakness is “being a perfectionist.” You wonder why it’s so hard to keep good employees. If Jim, your top salesperson, had not left to sell for the dealership across town, he would have been perfect for this position.

Arm them with the technology they need.

Employees aren’t always leaving for higher pay or a fancier job title. They are looking for better technology, coaching, training, and opportunities. Give them the work environment they want and need with easy-to-use technology and built-in training. They’ll be more productive, effective, and motivated to work for you.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Dealer Principal

A customer won’t remember the employee’s name that delivered a bad experience, but they will remember the dealership’s name. Your employees are how your customers experience your dealership. Attracting and keeping qualified employees translates to higher CSI, more sales, and less time and money spent on trying to fill empty spots on your staff roster.

General Manager

Replacing an employee costs 150% of the employee’s salary, not to mention the 30 weeks spent getting the new employee trained.1 Correctly-trained employees will be more confident and happy in their roles. They’ll want to continue working with you. Guided training and easy-to-use technology make it simple to get your employees up to speed the right way.


Sales Manager

$1,000 in sales per week.2 That’s how much it costs until an employee is fully-trained. Losing employees is never easy. Finding enough time to train new ones properly is tough and takes time out of other employees’ productivity. Simplify training processes with one-on-one consultation, webinars, reference guides, and more. New hires get the help they need and your team can focus on doing what they do best — selling cars.


F&I Manager

Staying current on compliance regulations and F&I processes is hard. But, with the right tools, your job can be easier. Simplify your processes and automate compliance procedures. You’ll be more satisfied and want to stay longer since you’ll sell more aftermarket products, be more efficient, and make more money.

Service Manager

Having the right service tools means more than wrenches and oil pans. Give your employees the technology to track repair orders, give accurate estimates, and greet customers. They’ll do their jobs better, have higher job satisfaction, and stay part of your team longer.

Parts Manager

You need qualified, efficient employees who know their stuff, and people like that don’t walk in every day. It’s better for your business to keep good employees than to find new ones. Arm your team with tools and technology they need to track parts, organize shelves, and do their jobs more effectively.

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