Experience Reynolds Retail Management System

Retailing in today’s world is certainly much different than we’ve ever experienced in the car industry. We’re dealing with a significant amount of our customers online, and their expectations of where the experience needs to be once they get here is significantly elevated.

Forever, dealerships have thought about it and they use this word “DMS”. What Reynolds has really evolved to is RMS – Retail Management System.

When they presented this, I said wow, this changes the whole game.

Every department has gone up. You can’t put into words how much easier it’s made my job.

We saw a return on investment from day one. The first month we saw almost $40,000 in gross profit. You can just see it pays for itself.

There’s customers that spend $5-6,000 dollars on accessories.

The kiosks in the service drive doubled the gross profit in the dealership.

In our service department alone, we’ve seen a 5 point increase in our CSI numbers and $30 increase in our gross per RO.

Higher profits, higher CSI.

I told them, point blank, you’ve got to get this in your store.

You see the results. It makes us more profitable.

I believe, bar none, it’s the best system out there for our entire organization.

Reynolds can do it, we want Reynolds to do it. History has taught me, just deal with the people you can trust.