A single system delivering efficiency and profitability.

How many tabs do you have open right now to do your job? Bouncing between screens and applications to rekey information and hoping everything matches is tedious and frustrating.

With ERA-IGNITE, you have a single system with a single unique identifier for every customer, every vehicle, and every transaction. It allows every department to work efficiently and stay connected by eliminating duplicates and delivering accuracy.

Next generation design and intuitive workflows create simplicity and efficiency for you and your team.

Consolidated reporting and accurate data are available to you instantly, no duplicate postings between applications, and no searching for actionable information.

Responsive and highly-trained customer success advocates help you through phone, web, and on-site visits.

Simple, built-in training and support give you answers at your fingertips to increase system knowledge and utilization.

Enhanced security measures such as user password protection, data backup procedures, and multifactor authentication help ensure data is protected.



A frictionless buying experience is key for the customer and the salesperson. Simple and standard steps aid your sales personnel in starting and working every deal with ease. In ERA-IGNITE, you can:

  • Work a deal that has been started anywhere – online, in FOCUS, or in XtreamService – with a single set of data including customer, vehicle, trade-in, and the credit application.
  • Present multiple deal scenarios to the customer, allowing for detailed side-by-side comparisons.
  • Track on-order vehicles and start selling inventory before it even arrives.
  • Automate and streamline the appraisal process with instant access to vehicle valuation information.
  • Stock vehicles more efficiently with pre-populated vehicle details, regardless of make.



F&I is the biggest pain point for most car buyers and every delay makes it more difficult for you to sell. The handoff from sales has to be seamless to protect profits. In ERA-IGNITE, you can:

  • Leverage the same deal that has been worked throughout the transaction, no matter where it started.
  • Set required fields to avoid missing information, shop your banks, and monitor all active deals.
  • Rate products in real-time and book aftermarket contracts with the provider before the customer leaves your store.
  • Display, print, scan, and import forms and documents associated with a deal from a single screen.



You have capacity issues. Either you don’t have enough techs, you don’t have enough bays, or both. The only way for you to increase throughput is to be more efficient. In ERA-IGNITE, you can:

  • Book and manage appointments to make the most of the time available for advisors and technicians, and improve shop load efficiency.
  • Store and locate all repair history and service invoices in a matter of seconds.
  • Maintain control over the repair order billing cycle with the ability to review, reprint, and separate warranty, customer pay, and/or internal repair orders.
  • Automatically apply parts and miscellaneous charges associated with services performed.
  • Manage everything happening in your service department in one place using Shop View, a robust operating control for appointments, ROs, status, timestamps, and comments.



You can only stock so much and most of it is allocated by the factory. You have to focus on what is in your control – keeping accurate inventory counts, getting parts pulled and billed quickly, managing special orders, returns, and cores, and maintaining margins. In ERA-IGNITE, you can:

  • Receive real-time parts status information to automate and streamline the parts sales process.
  • Monitor and maintain critical information with reliable reporting on parts data, such as obsolescence, counter person performance, and fill rates.
  • Automatically notify the right people, including both dealership personnel and customers, of a special order part arrival as soon as you receipt it into inventory.
  • Maximize profit opportunities by applying different price levels for different customers, sending easy-to-bill pre-paid special orders, and analyzing gross profit margins and trends.



Nothing happens until it is posted to accounting. Leveraging a single system across your store means no matter where information is entered – service, parts, sales, or F&I – it flows to accounting automatically. In ERA-IGNITE, you can:

  • Eliminate duplicate posting of data between all applications as information updates automatically and simultaneously.
  • Drill down into anomalies and make updates instantly with the click through onscreen financial statement.
  • Stop deconstructing each deal, correcting it, and posting it manually with a single accurate deal from F&I to accounting.
  • Create accountability with a single unique identifier for every client, vendor, and employee.
  • Protect data with customizable security options, such as inquiring within journals, sources, schedules, and the general ledger.

What can you experience:

“With ERA-IGNITE, it’s a couple of clicks and I’ve got an answer. Saving time. Saving money.”

“Reynolds has everything third-party vendors have in one platform, complete with modern day functionality.”

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