Your parts are always getting lost.

You’ve gone back to the shelves to look for a specific filter. When you look through the bin, you are frustrated to find it’s not there. The service guys are impatient, shouting back as you search through disorganized boxes. This is chaos. You find it twenty minutes later next to the headlights. This should be easier.

Keep your parts department organized.

Scan parts, update quantities, and print labels for inventory accuracy. You’ll find what you need faster, and your service technicians can get what they need faster. Use your system to communicate real-time data, so you can efficiently manage your inventory.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Manage inventory before it gets out of control.

Manage the chaos with precise labeling, real-time system data, and speed. Stop wasting time printing sheets of parts labels and investigating shelves for clues. Make your team more efficient by scanning and organizing your parts.

Know where every part is.

Every part has a label and every bin has a location. Assess inventory faster and scan shipments as they arrive for accuracy. Fulfill parts orders in the system with the correct items and quantities every time. No more searching for missing pieces — you’re in control.

Streamline teamwork in fixed ops.

Accuracy and organization of the parts department means you will be provided trustworthy data. Once a part is added to a repair order, the parts counterperson can easily locate it and process it for retrieval. You and the parts department are back on track.

Identify problem areas in parts inventory.

Your employees can stay on track and be more productive with accuracy and organization of the parts department. Check your parts inventory with up-to-date reports and easily identify areas to be improved. Your parts department will be running smoothly so your back end can be more profitable.

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