Gathering time cards is a wild goose chase.

The pay cycle is ending. You’re running from one department to another, chasing timecards and paperwork to finalize your payroll. When you finally get them all, most aren’t completed correctly, so you’re back on the chase to clarify each one. After all that back and forth, you still get complaints about paychecks. Next week, you’re at it again.

Track employee activity electronically.

Stop the paper chase and get accurate information quickly in a single location. Electronically track employee clock-ins, clock-outs, vacation times, and sick days. Get accurate data right at your fingertips and always stay compliant with labor regulations.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Dealer Principal

Cut out unnecessary steps in your payroll process to uphold quality employment standards and maintain government compliance on wages and fees. Pay employees timely and accurately every time, ensuring you are meeting state and federal requirements on employment.

General Manager

Simplify the payroll process to increase employee satisfaction. Make sure your employees get paid exactly what they are owed, without the tedious process of clarifying hours worked or commissions earned.


Set up work schedules electronically and let employees clock in and out at their workstations. Save time by getting all your information in a single place. Keep overtime expenses under control by knowing how many hours each employee is working. Automate state and federal wage reporting, ensuring consistent compliance.

Payroll Clerk

Eliminate time wasted collecting timecards and other paperwork to prepare payroll. Get all payroll-required information straight from your computer. Reduce manual entries and improve pay accuracy. Remain compliant with automated state and federal wage reporting.

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