MICR Check Printing

Securely print checks for multiple stores in one place.

With nearly 75% of organizations becoming the targets of payment fraud in 2020, security over payments is more important than ever. Ease the frustration of check printing with a secure, efficient way to print checks for multiple stores in one place with one printer. Each check number is printed as part of a MICR strip so numbers do not get changed, preventing fraud and stolen checks.

Hendrick Automotive Group Talks MICR Check Printing

Benefits of MICR Check Printing

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  • On-Demand
    Print account and routing numbers as checks are needed, so your boxes of check stock are worthless until you print.
  • Secure
    Ensure security with a MICR strip so numbers cannot be changed.
  • Efficient
    Eliminate wasted time and cost printing checks when the check sequence is wrong.
  • Streamlined
    Consolidate processes and print checks for all locations from one computer.

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