Timekeeping and Attendance

Streamline payroll with electronic time management.

Trying to manage payroll in its own system is fine until someone forgets to clock it or clock out.  You’re the one that has to track them down and make adjustments based on their word. And then overtime pay can be an expensive issue if the hours they say they were there start adding up.

Timekeeping and Attendance for ERA-IGNITE allows employees to quickly clock in and out electronically in the dealership or via their mobile device with existing ERA-IGNITE credentials. It supplies managers the tools needed to create work schedules, streamline timecard approvals, and run multiple overtime exception reports.

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Benefits of Timekeeping and Attendance

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  • Accurate
    Improve pay accuracy by only paying employees for time worked.
  • Accountable
    Ensure employees are only clocking in once on the premises by setting geofencing parameters.
  • Efficient
    Speed up validating time cards and reduce human error by having all employees clock in and out electronically.

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