You are drowning in paper.

It’s tax season and customers are calling, requesting copies of their contracts.  Most of these deals were moved to long-term storage. You sent the request to the filing clerk, but she can’t find all of the deals requested so now it is up to you. One irate customer has called back a couple of times, shocked at how long it is taking. You find his deal misfiled after spending four days digging through boxes. It has water damage from last winter’s leak and the deal jacket is missing a few key items. Meanwhile back at your desk, business as usual has piled up and you are behind again.

Get instant access to files with digital storage.

Get rid of that sinking feeling. Create an electronic workflow with digital files. These files can then be accessed from any workstation in seconds with Integrated Document Management. Remove the risk, time, and cost of keeping paper around. Digital files secure information, reduce storage, and put all the information you need in one place.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?


Your day is interrupted with calls for information you don’t have in front of you. Save yourself and your employees time by finding needed information fast. Give digital access to the documents used most based on each individual employee. When a customer needs a document they don’t have, you can get it to them in seconds, minimizing the interruption.

F&I Manager

Whether it is tax season or just because they need a copy of their warranty, customers call you for copies of their deal documents. These requests used to take days, now you can send information in seconds. You won’t have to keep customers waiting for simple requests.

Office Manager

It takes hours — even days — for a deal jacket to make it to your desk. Instead of waiting to do your job, start the minute the deal is closed. An on-screen notification tells you the deal is done and ready to be posted.

Service Manager

It’s only been a week since the customer bought her pre-owned vehicle, and now she needs to make a warranty claim. It used to take days to confirm if an extended service contract was sold. Now, you can find the documents without ever leaving your office and quickly validate coverage.

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