Submit digital deal documents to lenders for faster funding.

The time it takes to process and ship deals to your lenders is time you go unfunded. By the time you finally have cash in bank, several days may have gone by since you closed the deal. And that’s the best case scenario. If there are missed signatures or problems with the contract, you’re forced to spend even more time tracking down customers to re-sign and shipping additional documentation to your lender.

With eContracting, you can get funded faster and ensure you don’t have to make corrections to contracts after the fact. Using digital documents, contracts can be lender-validated prior to signing and finalized deals are submitted electronically, reducing CIT time and improving cash flow.

Benefits of eContracting

Person signing electronic deal documents on a tablet.
  • Accurate
    Submit contracts for validation and view lender responses directly from ERA-IGNITE so you can find and fix errors immediately.
  • Straightforward
    Receive a required forms list from your lender after contract validation so you know exactly what needs signed and no forms are missed.
  • Seamless
    Electronically send contracts signed on the docuPAD® system or DEALsign to your lender for funding along with ancillary documents.
  • Cost-effective
    Save on paper, toner, and shipping expenses.
  • Efficient
    Improve cash flow by getting deals approved and funded by your lenders faster.

What can you experience:

“In addition to compliance improvements, funding is almost immediate. Mercedes-Benz Financial is thrilled about the electronic process. Our customers love it, too!”

“eContracting lets us get paid quickly. Instead of being paid in a week, we can get a contract cashed in four hours or less. That helps the cash flow a lot.”

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