Jim Hudson Lexus Integrated Document Management Testimonial

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Warren Spooner, Parts Manager at Jim Hudson Lexus, reflects on how easy it is to retrieve electronic documents.

“Integrated Document Management saves us an average of twenty minutes per transaction, which easily equates to an hour and a half per day in just time savings of personnel.

"We don’t have to go find the file anymore. The file is at our fingertips. We pull it up, look at a signature, we can give answer. Phone call’s over, they’re going about their business, we’re going about our business – everybody’s happy.

“It’s summed up in one word and that’s efficiency. We have an efficiency of space; we have an efficiency of time. We don’t have to worry about where in the world are we going to file this or do we have to pay to store it off-site. Recalling the information is so quick and easy; it’s real-time."

Marcus Wideman, Service Manager at Jim Hudson Lexus, has saved more than $16,000 in warranty claims.

“With Integrated Document Management, we were able to save $16,000 over warranty claims. It’s been at least four times over the last  five years to where we had to provide proof of clock times and documentation.

"We have the RO front to back; we have the invoice front to back. We also have any technician notes or report cards. We don’t have to go searching through boxes to find information. Everything is in there.

"The product speaks for itself. It makes things easy – it really does.”

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