Work one deal – online, in the store, and on to F&I – with multiple options and consistent and accurate payments.

Trying to back into a payment the customer saw online is frustrating and eats into your margin. Explaining to a customer why their payment is more than what was shown online ruins your negotiation and puts them in a defensive position.  And then when your deal gets to F&I and eventually the office, it will inevitably be adjusted again so it’s “right.”

There should only be one deal – from your website, to desking, to F&I, then to accounting. Rates, residuals, rebates, incentives, taxes, and fees should be identical no matter where the customer is seeing a payment. Desking allows you to negotiate with confidence and present multiple scenarios that are all accurate using a single deal.

Benefits of Desking

Salesperson and Buyer sit at desk during negotiations
  • Accurate
    Using a single system, all payment, rate, rebate, and trade information is accurate.
  • Consistent
    Work every deal with confidence knowing you have a single calculation engine from online to in-store to F&I.
  • Quick
    Calculate and compare multiple payment options to show to a customer, including lease and retail side-by-side, in seconds.
  • Transparent
    Reduce the back-and-forth with your sales manager and eliminate leaving your customer alone, increasing transparency during the process.
  • Efficient
    Reduce errors and save time by eliminating the need to re-key customer and deal information across tools.

What can you experience:

“We used to present payment options to customers using an old-fashioned four square and a Sharpie. Payment options were calculated manually and deals were almost never closed on first pencil. With Reynolds Desking, the amount of times a salesperson goes back and forth between the customer and sales manager has been significantly reduced, making it easier for the customer to say yes to a deal, faster.”

“Desking saves me at least 15 minutes per deal. At around 60 deals per month, we’re talking about a savings of 15 hours a month. Using multiple scenarios makes my job a lot easier. I generally give most of my customers several different scenarios because it is so quick. It increases your odds of selling the car.”

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