Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Protect your dealership from theft and embezzlement.

The average amount of time it takes to uncover theft is 18 months. It’s not uncommon for theft and embezzlement to cost a dealership over a million dollars, and 88% of businesses never get all of their money back. How can you be sure no one is stealing or embezzling money from you?

Suspicious Activity Monitoring takes the pressure off by constantly analyzing dealership operations for potentially unethical business practices. It can reduce the likelihood of theft and embezzlement by 75% by giving you the power to review all departments and applications and be notified when a suspicious activity occurs.

Benefits of Suspicious Activity Monitoring

shaking hands and money
  • Theft Protection
    Reduce the likelihood of theft based on forensic accounting methods and advanced analytics.
  • Detailed
    Drill down to specific questionable transactions from alerts in your dashboard with a color code that signifies the level of suspicion.
  • Security
    Securely access any reports or notifications, so only designated individuals are alerted.
  • Transparency
    Remain transparent with your employees with a message on every ERA-IGNITE screen notifying them of Suspicious Activity Monitoring running in the background.

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