Retail Management Intelligence

Get right to the information you need to make critical business decisions for your entire dealership.

What kind of information do you need access to in order to make informed decisions about your department? It’s stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating to compile and sift through all the reports you need, and with information coming from multiple tools, how do you know which is accurate?

Retail Management Intelligence gives you easy access to all of your stores’ data and information and allows for quick side-by-side comparison. Using the drill-down function, you can quickly dig into the details on any report or dashboard. It’s an all-encompassing dashboard to provide you the details you need to run your business.

Retail Management Intelligence

Benefits of Retail Management Intelligence

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  • Complete Data
    See a complete picture of your business by comparing different stores and branches side-by-side.
  • Customizable
    Customize your dashboards and reports to see the exact details you need to run your department efficiently and profitably.
  • Easy
    Review and make changes to your reports directly from the dashboard with drill down capabilities into any area.

What can you experience:

“I build all of my own reports in Retail Management Intelligence. I’m comfortable in it and can get around in about five minutes for anything I need.”

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