Engage your customers and improve profits.

Reynolds’ docuPAD system is an interactive tool to aid in menu presentation and document processing. It is a tabletop device used to present finance and insurance options. Documents are easy to read on a large, high-definition screen. You engage customers with videos and interactive presentations, empowering them to select products and payment options. Create a consistent process, maintain compliance, and track deals with audit trails and screen captures.

Simplify your process by reducing printed copies and the need for paper storage. When forms are signed using the docuPAD system, those copies are instantly stored. From any PC, view or add documents to the deal without leaving your desk.

Hawthorne Chevrolet docuPAD® System Testimonial

Benefits of the docuPAD system

  • Engage customers with interactive presentations and menu choices.
  • Maintain compliance and ensure all documents are signed the first time.
  • Empower customers to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Reduce time and cost of managing paper with digital copies.
  • Track effectiveness and consistency with detailed audit and usage reports.
Parkway Chevrolet docuPAD® System Testimonial

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