Hendrick docuPAD® System Testimonial

Brian Porta, Vice President, Education and Training

“We wanted to become more streamlined, we wanted to become more compliant, we wanted to become more environmentally friendly by getting rid of all the paper. That’s why docuPAD is so great. You have a certain process that you have to follow, you can’t miss documents.”

Johnny McKellar, Senior Vice President, Hendrick Autoguard

“With the docuPAD, it really broke down that wall. And it gave the consumer the ability to be part of the transaction. The F&I Producer and the consumer are teaming together to create valuable protection products and opportunities for the customer, making sure that their investment’s protected.”

Brian Porta

“Customers love the experience with docuPAD. They love being in control of the process. They’re buying, they’re not being sold, and there’s a big difference in that.”

Rick Hendrick, Chairman, Hendrick Automotive Group

“People call me and say ‘that was the greatest experience I had in the F&I office.’ docuPAD has made the biggest difference that we’ve seen in the last three to five years. I think everybody should have it. To me, that’s the best piece of equipment that I’ve ever had in the automobile business.”