Multiple Dealerships - Service and Support Video

Chris Teague is the dealer principal at Chevrolet of Montebello.

"The transition to Reynolds was pretty good. I mean, it seemed like if you looked 25 feet there was a Reynolds person there to answer a question for you."

"They know the importance of customer service and I think at the end of the day that was our biggest reason for switching. I had the confidence they would help me in any way they could."

"I would say Reynolds and Reynolds is not only a DMS provider, but that they're a partner in our dealership. They know that our success is their success."

Ted Eck is the general manager at Chevrolet of Montebello.

"The difference between the two companies, from our experience, it was dramatic. The level of service was a magnitude better with Reynolds."

"What we expect is just a month of hell while we're, everybody's learning their new job and cussing the new system. But the fact is, the training was really good going into it."

Matt Scranton is the general manager at Scranton Motors.

"A lot of times you invest in a system and the trainers that come out are here for a few hours and they're gone and your team stayed until everybody had a grasp of it."

Greg May is the dealer principal at Greg May Honda.

"The transition to Reynolds was so much easier than anything else we've done. It was painless, it was simple, it was easy to figure out, even for me."

Carol Edwards is the controller at Andrews Cadillac/Land Rover Nashville.

"I could put someone to work tomorrow and say, 'This is your job. You're going to be our accounts payable clerk and I need you to take these classes which Reynolds has already built into the system,' and they can actually go to work right away without a lot of my time being spent on training."

Doug Donnellan is the vice president and general manager at San Francisco Toyota.

"Some of the best parts about our experience with Reynolds and Reynolds, especially recently, is their commitment to long-term support."

Nelson Andrews is the dealer principal and general manager at Andrews Cadillac/Land Rover.

"I would say that with Reynolds and Reynolds as a whole, we've been really happy with the service and with the team. They've certainly been the best we've ever worked with."