Back counter wait lines are wasting time for both you and the technicians.

There are always a few techs waiting outside of the parts department. Today you hear them talking about the big game last night. Meanwhile, cars are on the lifts, customers are in the waiting room, and more appointments are being made over the phone. Each second the technicians spend waiting is wasted time and wasted money.

Optimize your shop time.

Reduce the amount of idle technician time and maximize your efficiency by supplying your parts and service departments with Advanced Service. Advisors are notified when jobs need approved, the parts department receives instant notifications that list the parts needed, and technicians are sent notifications when the parts are ready. Techs can stay in their bays and increase billable hours, customers will have less wait time, and your service department can run at peak efficiency.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Service Manager

Fill your technicians' time with profitable service repairs, optimizing your shop’s capacity. Use built-in communication tools with available notification and quick messages to create a closed loop between technician recommendations and advisor activities. They’ll spend less time waiting and talking at the parts counter and more time repairing vehicles.

Service Technician

Standing around the service drive is a waste of your time. Instead of standing around talking about the game, maximize your paycheck. With instant communication, you’ll avoid the time traps that happen when visiting other departments.

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