Manhattan Beach Toyota Advanced Service Testimonial

Sally Her is the service director at Manhattan Beach Toyota in Manhattan Beach, CA.

“When I first started here as a service advisor, our process for upsells was pretty much old-school.

“The work order was written up, the technician would do the report, and our multipoint inspection was still on carbon copies. When the technician had recommendations they wrote on the back of the hardcopy.

“Then the parts department would do a parts request for the technician. The technician then would walk over to the advisor and let the advisor know the parts were available, and everything was hand-written. Not much of a process.

“Advanced Service has built communication with the technicians, advisors, and parts, and it has actually made our departments work better together.

“Advanced Service has had a huge impact on our hours per RO. In February we were averaging about 1.5 to 1.6. From April to December of last year we averaged about 2.5 hours per RO.

“We have taken over three or four hundred more ROs per month.

“Our gross per RO has increased to over two hundred dollars.

“So we can definitely tell that Advanced Service is working for our store.

“I really feel that Advanced Service is the best tool you can use to make sure your shop is efficient.

“If you’re struggling with people walking around the shop, the technicians hanging out in the parts department, the advisors not at their desk, phones not being answered – Advanced Service will eliminate those issues you’re having.

“If you’re trying to find something that’s going to help your shop be more efficient, it’s Advanced Service.”