Service Price Guides - Jim Hudson Lexus

Edgar Alewine is the fixed operations director at Jim Hudson Lexus in Augusta, Georgia.

I’ve been a big believer in Service Price Guides for a long, long time. There’s been other vendors trying to sell their product to us. The biggest thing is, they don’t have Service Price Guide and that’s the number one factor in my decision to stay with Reynolds and Reynolds.

With Service Price Guides we can give a customer a price to the penny and do it with confidence which is the most important thing.

It’s, ah, certainly a great tool that we would highly recommend.

Warren Spooner is the parts manager at Jim Hudson Lexus in Augusta, Georgia.

We used to manually create our menu system, manually keep it up to date with all the changes - coolant changes, tire changes. Service Price Guide took that completely off my plate.

Service price guides - it allows us to take overflow calls from the service drive. We can do estimates for them right there on the spot. It’s quick.  It’s easy. We’re getting more dollars per R.O. We were up six percent in gross profit on customer pay R.O.’s.

Marcus Wideman is the service manager at Jim Hudson Lexus in Augusta, Georgia.

The biggest issue we had back then - when a customer would commit to a repair and a different service advisor or cashier would cash them out - they would dispute the prices eighty percent of the time.