Compliance Services

Templates and reports to help you meet the FTC Safeguards Rule requirements.

With cyber threats on the rise, and dealerships being a prime target due to the amount of data you collect and store, it’s no wonder compliance regulations have been strengthened recently. It’s your job to sell and service vehicles and to implement the proper security measures to protect all the consumer data you collect while doing so. And now you have to be able to provide written reports and programs to explain it all.

With Compliance Services from Proton Dealership IT, you can do all this with the help of automotive and cybersecurity experts. You’ll receive detailed templates that outline the information you need to help ensure you’re meeting the FTC Safeguards Rule requirements, as well as reports that help you determine the gaps you need to fill.

Dealer principal reviewing network reports.

Benefits of Compliance Services

Dealership employee reviewing a cybersecurity training course.
  • Accurate
    Accurate and detailed reports provide you with the information you need to ensure your dealership is meeting the Safeguards Rule requirements.
  • Expert Driven
    Reports and templates have been built by automotive CISO’s with legal counsel.
  • Complete
    Use the same provider for all your security, IT, and compliance needs to ensure no gaps in your armor.

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