Deciding between decreased profits or losing the sale.

Your sales profits have been declining. Losing sales means missing out on OEM bonuses. Your sales force is at that crucial moment where the customer has one foot out the door. They have a decision to make. Either slash $1,500 off the price (whittling away your profit margin along with it) or they’ll lose the sale completely. Either way, you’re losing money.

Find new profit centers.

Choosing between less profit and a lost customer will get you nowhere. Instead, make the sale and find profit in other areas of your dealership. Win the customer with a $1,500 price decrease and make up that loss with accessory and aftermarket sales. You can move metal and still make a profit.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Sales Manager

You no longer have to worry about cutting profits to save a deal. Eliminate the messy process you’ve experienced with accessories in the past by selling with ease and confidence. Whether you offer them or not, your customers are going to buy accessories one way or another. Don't let them drive off your lot to the specialty shop down the road. You’ll add accessory profit to the deal and add money to your paycheck.

F&I Manager

Create an exciting finance office with interactive technology consumers look forward to using. Don’t shove six different paper brochures at the customer they’ll ignore. Let buyers control the experience with product videos and presentations that engage them. When they get into the moment and feel empowered, they’ll want to spend more money.

Fixed Ops Director

Extended service plans keep customers coming back to your service drive. They add lifetime value beyond the initial sale. While the customer is getting covered maintenance, service advisors can present upsell opportunities. Give your team the right tools and technology to help them be efficient and make more money in service. Detailed reports and processes keep techs and advisors performing at their best.

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