Are you boring your customers?

You’re in the F&I office, wrestling with papers and a calculator, trying to draw up service plan options for your customers. She just pulled out her phone for the third time and he keeps checking his watch. You groan as your pen stops working. Out of the corner of your eye, you see your customers look at each other and roll their eyes. You’ve still got a lot more to cover.

Quickly display options to your customers.

Present multiple payment options to your customer quickly and with accurate pricing on the docuPAD® system. Show them different options that can meet their needs. Keep them engaged at all times in the F&I office. Close the deal faster than she can pull out her phone to check Facebook. He won’t even have time to check his watch.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Dealer Principal

You are probably skeptical you could get any more profit from F&I. However, there is additional profit opportunity in every customer by having them buy aftermarket products, rather than be sold them. Show package options electronically to each customer in the F&I office using clear and customized menu-type presentations. Give them more confidence in their buying decisions.

General Manager

Ensure your managers are effectively presenting and selling aftermarket products to each and every customer going through the F&I office. Engaging sales tools and customized packages in menu-style presentations create more profitable interactions.

F&I Manager

Quickly build and present side-by-side product packages tailored to your customers’ needs. Increase customers’ likelihood to purchase aftermarket products through professional and credible presentations that build their trust and keep them involved.

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